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I have currently lived on the Texas/Mexico border for the past half a century. Mexico is downtown and across the Rio Grande, I currently live within walking distance of Mexico. However it is way too dangerous to go across as of late. I have been into computers since 1970, retired from construction due to health. I have always excelled on job-sites due to my perfect command of both Spanish and English in many fields and experience in reading blueprints and altering the blueprints to account for on-demand problem solving. I have a certified IQ of 164 tested by a Texas State registered testing center in 1990, and at the age of 37, despite dropping out of High School at the age of 16. I still work on computers for other people now & then and prefer to operate Linux as opposed to MS Windows, now my favorite Distro of Linux is Ubuntu Studio version 12.04. I speak Spanish on a regular basis as many of the older locals do not know how to speak English well since their first language is Spanish. What most Americans take for granted, many here have to work very hard for. I am a Full Gospel Non-Denominational Judeo-Christian. I am well versed in the Bible and have studied various translations of both the Hebrew and Greek texts of the scriptures as well as texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Septuagint and Vulgate translations, to get my interpretations of the bible. I do however prefer The Strongś Exhaustive Concordance To The Bible but also sometimes refer to Schofield Complete Concordance to the Bible as well. I still keep up with current computer technologies, but miss the challenge of the older models office computers. I cut my teeth on keypunch card technology when I was 16 and became a Jr. executive at the age of 16 and had my own office but was too young to get my GED until I was 17, so I waited until then to get my GED . Well, there's still some living left to do but I have experienced so many things an average person never gets to do. I have sat in the cockpit of the first manned spaceship after it was first on display at the Smithsonian Institute, I even made some of the silk screened display plaques for NASA for the 1964 World's Fair, toured the Smithsonian Institute many times and stood next to 40 foot dinosaur skeletons. I have traced my bloodline back to the Conquistadores, I am descended from the original inhabitants of this region and am one of the few living Comanche Indians of this region as my tribe was driven out during the Indian Wars. I am also one of the many descendants of the many Padre Jose Nicolas Balli (Padre Jose Nicolas Balli+South Padre Island) and we are many throughout the Rio Grande Valley as well as Texas. No, I am not in on the legal matters, I long ago made the decision to forgo that route. Perhaps that gives you a little bit about of an idea about who I am, and what the meaning of life is to me.

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