I am a Spanish expatriate. I like this site because it forces me to catch up with some aspects of my native language (the rules and the reasons) that I neglected to learn properly when I was a student. My hope is that, by relearning and understanding them well, I'll be better at teaching Spanish to my sons.

Si necesitas contactar conmigo fuera de este stack puedes hacerlo a través de mi cuenta di26al @ yahoo.com

If you need to contact with me outside the stack you can do it at di26al @ yahoo.com

My philosophy as a moderator is people over rules. Rules are in place to help people create value for other people.

When rules help our users to help other people to become better, rules are useful. But rules need to be transcended, as we follow rules. We need to understand the goal behind the rule, the ultimate goal, not to follow rules blindly.

I think that moderators help the community to achieve balance between Order (following the rules, the contract to hold ourselves to certain values) and Chaos (the potential for change and improvement, seeing beyond the rule).

Some additional thoughts about moderation.

Frase de El Quijote dedicada a su escudero:

Perdóname, amigo, de la ocasión que te he dado de parecer loco como yo, haciéndote caer en el error en que yo he caído de que hubo y hay caballeros andantes en el mundo.

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