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Reputation to Vote Down

Three of your last questions were not well-received and earned you some downvotes. Receiving a downvote reduces your reputation by 2, see the FAQ. You could improve those questions so that they start ...
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¿Cómo evitar venganzas a la hora de votar posts?

Personalmente no creo que los negativos por venganza sean la respuesta a nada. Dicho esto, a la pregunta de ¿qué hacemos?, así en general, no sé qué decirte, porque los votos son privados y ni siquera ...
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Reputation to Vote Down

Your questions often seem to be rather distanced from the aims of the site. They often ask for an explanation of something which is common to many languages or they focus on a coincidental fact. ...
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"Possible bug" I received the "Vote Down" privilege when my reputation is not enough for obtain it

That day, 20 Nov 2014, your reputation was on 116 points: Checking your reputation activity we observe: That is, the message: There were no net reputation changes on this day It shows following ...
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