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This is not urgent but I'm writing it now so I won't forget. Could we please have a tag for datives that would point to objetos-indirectos?


Here are some examples of questions where the focus is on connotations: Uso irónico de "lo tienes/llevas claro" Connotation means (this was a quick google search, thus the definition comes from Lexico) "an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning." "...


Some of the posts found in a Meta search for connotations hint about Flimzy thinking that questions with that tag should be probably tagged with selección-de-palabras instead: EL&U has a connotation tag which is different from ours. And they decided that nuance is a bad tag, and their reasoning seemed to apply to every one of our 9 nuance questions; ...

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