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Newcomer's off-topic post: to downvote or not to downvote?

How this question originated: I read an interesting discussion in La Tertulia about whether it's a good idea to downvote a newcomer's off-topic question. I thought this could be a fruitful discussion ...
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Site etiquette proposal: do not downvote newcomer answers unless spam or nonsense

Suppose a newcomer, first-time participant, writes an answer that's not very strong (but shows some well-intentioned attempt to help the OP). (A strong answer being one that gives correct information;...
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¿Hay algún "hater" suelto por Spanish Language?

Me estoy dando cuenta de que, desde hace unos días, todas mis respuestas en las preguntas más activas reciben por sistema un -1. Examinando las preguntas en cuestión, he visto que algunas incluso ...
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