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Questions tagged [soporte]

For questions about how to use the features of Stack Exchange // Preguntas sobre cómo utilizar la tecnología de Stack Exchange

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Si queréis contactar con los moderadores a través de flags, hacedlo en publicaciones (y no en comentarios)

Cada mes los moderadores gestionamos entre 50 y 100 reportes (flags). Los hay de muchos tipos, pero básicamente se pueden dividir en dos: los que se hacen a comentarios. los que se hacen a ...
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Do the new system fonts make it easier for you to read Spanish letters and accents?

Do the new system fonts make it easier for you to read Spanish letters and accents (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡) ? I use Firefox 88 on Windows 10 and they are definitely good although I can't say if ...
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Inconsistencia de diseño / Design inconsistency

Este es el logo de la página principal de sitio / This is the logo of the site main page: Este es el favicon y SE logo / This is the favicon and SE site logo: Es necesaria la inconsistencia pudiendo ...
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Why did I lose some hundreds of reputation points this week?

I reached 10,000 a couple days ago - a personal goal of mine, so I noticed -- and then I gained a few more points. But now I'm at 9766. The only negative change I can find is that someone changed ...
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Is this question on topic?

Is any portion of what follows on topic? I'm looking for either an answer or a reference. I have the impression that US Spanish-speakers are distributed differently now than previously. I think ...
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What is the functional limit of Meta questions per day here?

Every SE site has its own character. That is all well and good. I asked three questions at Meta on April 9 and another on April 10 and apparently overloaded the system by asking four questions in ...
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