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Change [feature-request] to [característica-nueva]

Look at our required tags: soporte discusión bug feature-request All have Spanish names, except for feature-request (and bug, which I don't think has a good Spanish equivalent). Looking at ...
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We have a "lo" tag but no "le" tag

We get lots of beginner and intermediate questions about lo and le. We have a "lo" tag but no "le" tag. Should we create a "le" tag? Or modify the existing "lo" tag to something like "lo/le"? (...
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¿Qué hacemos con la etiqueta "pretéritos"? Subdividamos según el tipo

Acabo de aprender que Pretérito perfecto simple de toda la vida también puede llamarse Pretérito a secas (dadle a conjugar en la palabra ser). Trasladado a este sitio, esto quiere decir que la ...
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How can I remove a tag?

In this question the OP has accidentally created the tag vocabuary which is both misspelt and in English. Please can a moderator remove this? In general, how can I remove a tag?
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