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Can the question "In the U.S., may I go up to strangers to practice Spanish, and if so, how?" be rescued?

Someone asked an excellent question, I thought, and found the answer provided quite helpful. I think that that q&a is well suited to our site, even if it is a bit out of the mainstream. Please ...
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Invert the duplicate relationship

I came across a duplicate question relationship which I think should be inverted. The closed question has better answers. From the accepted answer in the current duplicate I like: It's a polite way ...
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How can we salvage the question "Are names of international figures still translated routinely in Mexican universities?"?

I would like to reopen Are names of international figures still translated routinely in Mexican universities?, which is specifically focused on famous people whose names come up in Mexican ...
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Answering to "Learn to think in Spanish?", now migrated

Yes, it's a slightly weird question in terms of the official purposes of the site, and yet.... Learn to think in Spanish? now migrated to Language Learning: Learn to think in Spanish? Here's the ...
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Necesitamos una pregunta canónica sobre ser/estar [duplicate]

Mirando What is the difference between “el examen fue largo” and “el examen estuvo largo”? pensé inmediatamente que esto debe estar ya respuesto en algún momento del pasado. Tiré del hilo buscando ...
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