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Why aren't comments to my question being answered?

At Consonants combined with an "h" and double consonants, I have been asking where do "valley" and "valle" come from, and no one has been replying.
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Let's train new participants to ask well-constructed questions

Suppose an OP poses a question without showing any effort, any research. Obviously, we should not write an answer as such. I think all the regulars on this site are on the same page about that. But ...
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When the line between nice and not nice is fuzzy

I will begin by jumping ahead to my bottom line proposal: When we find ourselves in a gray zone between what is nice and what is not nice, let us take into account the relative newness of the ...
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Usuario sin registrar (con 1 punto de reputación) hizo comentario en mi pregunta

En el siguiente enlace podrán ver el comentario de un usuario que, según su perfil, está sin registrar. Este es el comentario del nuevo usuario: Tenía entendido que solo con puntuación de 50 se ...
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Lista de comentarios útiles para el sitio

A continuación detallo algunos comentarios tipo que pueden ser útiles. Recurso útil relacionado: ¿Conoces los magic-links para los comentarios? Aprende a usarlos por el cual por ejemplo tenemos ...
2 votes
1 answer

¿Cómo funcionan las @respuestas en los comentarios?

This is a Spanish translation to the original English question How do comment @replies work? Esta publicación está basada en la pregunta How do comment @replies work? que traduje para Stack ...
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Why a user with 1 reputation can post a comment?

I saw in this question: ¿"Binding" en castellano? that the user pablowako post a comment in the question, but the user have 1 reputation. It is normal?
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8 votes
3 answers

Are comments in spanish accepted?

I think that comments in Spanish should be accepted. I've been having a series of flags condemning comments in Spanish for some reason. For now I've been dismissing them but for the sake of having a ...
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Cannot comment on an answer, is it normal?

I am unable to add a comment in this answer, I've tried searching why on the help site but I couldn't find anything useful. Is it normal for this to happen? How can I comment it?
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