Given is a synonym of (and this previous meta decision to synonymise such tags), I tried to propose as a synonym of it as well.

However I got the following error message:

enter image description here

It seems that had previously been proposed as a synonym of before its merge with , and this proposal has persisted behind the scenes, blocking the reverse association now.

This bug has been noted a few times before: Tag synonym for 'edit', 'edits' and 'editing'

Can this be resolved (as per the actions in the above SE Meta post), i.e:

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The UI of Tag synonyms is a bit poor, so there are always some subtleties to take into account. In this case, the situation seems to be like this:

  • is already a synonym target for two other tags: and , as seen in 'expresiones' Tag Synonyms.
  • The synonym creation does not allow suggesting a new mapping (A -> B) if the source (A) already has some tags pointing to it. That is, if A->B already exists, you cannot do B->C unless you remove A->B.

For this, the solution would be to:

By the way, some mapping are not necessary: as seen in the Tags list we now have , , , , , and . There is no need to have all the tuples singular-plural, since they share a big part of the initial characters and user interface suggests tags based on the characters you type and match the beginning of the tags' names.

See What are tag synonyms and merged tags? How do they work? in Meta.SE for more info.

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