Let's use the pink "status-etc." tags within Meta more often. Let's also create a "status-declined" tag for Meta.


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In Meta there is a series of default tags, as indicated in Add a selection of default tags to all metas. This includes , , bla bla.

Also, there is a series of tags that can just be used by moderators and exist by default, no matter if they have been used before, no matter if no other question uses it1. The list contains all the status-*, together with and and you can access it by typing "status..." in https://spanish.meta.stackexchange.com/tags.

Also, you should've already seen that two questions use it! Browse through .

So there is no need to create status-* tags, they are already in place for when we want to use them.

1 Normal tags are removed after 6 months if just one question uses it.

  • Somehow, when I looked at the pink tags containing the word "status," I didn't see this particular one. But now I do see it. I will fix my question now. Feb 26, 2018 at 12:54

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