The tag wiki excerpt for (to which redirects) currently says,

Do not use this tag: questions related to learning the Spanish language (tips, learning materials and so on) are off-topic and will almost certainly be closed.

The tag wiki contains a link to Resources for learning Spanish, but does not tell people where to go with learning-related questions that have nothing to do with resources. Are there any objections against adding something along the following lines?

For questions about learning Spanish that have nothing to do with resources, you can go to Language Learning Stack Exchange.

["Disclaimer": I am the most active user on Language Learning Stack Exchange.]

Update: since the tags and were removed in early 2018, this question is overtake by events.

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As you can see from its revisions page, the content you quote is quite new. The last question that used was asked more than 6 months ago, so it has not been of much use.

This being said, I think yours is a very good idea, so I just added the content you suggested.

Feel free to add more info to our canonical Resources for learning Spanish or to suggest changes in the tag description!

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